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The global breakfast food market size was valued at $398.1 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $729.5 billion by 2030


Consumers are turning to breakfast as their not-to-miss meal given the research showing the importance to their health!

The fast-casual restaurant category segment will register the fastest CAGR over the forecast period.

Creative restaurant concepts and evolving consumer tastes are also the major growth-driving factors for this segment.

We are proud to be a market leader in fresh and innovative approaches in the marketplace!  


Total Estimated Initial Investment: 
Retro Fit from Approx. $200K - $300K
New Build from Approx. $400K- $500K

Retrofits allow substantial savings while, the high figure of new builds, assumes substantial rehabilitation costs not normally incurred, and also assumes substantial remodeling of the space, not previously usable by a food business, with little or no work performed or funded by the landlord.



#1 Initial Franchise Fee


To Whom Paid: Us
When Due: See Below
Method of Payment: See Below

The Initial Franchise Fee is payable upon the signing of The Franchise Agreement. We have assumed the standard Initial Franchise Fee. The amounts that you pay to us are not refundable. Your payment obligations to vendors are not likely to be refundable unless you negotiate those arrangements.



#2 Training Fee


To Whom Paid: Us
When Due: See Below
Method of Payment: See Below

The Training Fee is payable prior to the commencement of training.  



#3 Travel /Living Expenses

$0 - 5,000

To Whom Paid: Hotels, etc...
When Due: During Training
Method of Payment: As Incurred

The estimated costs are for (2 persons) while training, not including salaries if they are your employees.



#4 Real Property


To Whom Paid: Landlord
When Due: Monthly
Method of Payment: See Below

The estimate is for the space that you will need to operate your Store for first and last months rent, including security deposit.

Real estate costs vary widely from place to place, and franchisees have a wide range of options to choose from in selecting a location. Your location must be in a general area that will allow you to provide delivery services efficiently and conveniently to customers in the area you serve.

You will need about 1,500 – 2,500 square feet of space for your location. Most franchisees find suitable space in a commercial district or strip mall located relatively close to residential areas.

Commercial rental rates vary rather substantially based upon a wide range of factors.

The estimate provided is based on the following factors:

(1) that in the current real estate market, you will be able to negotiate a total rent abatement for the build-out period (that is, before your Store opens);

(2) that you will pay a one-month security deposit in addition, equal to the last months rent.

(3) that you will lease between 1,500 to 2,500 square feet of space for your Store. Stores typically occupy 1,500 to 2,500 square feet of space, and typical annual rate ranges from $15 and $35 or more per square foot. If you lease a location, you are also likely to incur build-out expenses.

You may also incur real estate broker fees, additional prepayments, “additional rent,” common area maintenance (CAM fees), operating fees, or other costs, depending on the terms of your lease and the prevailing real estate market in your area. 

Most franchisees lease their space. We cannot estimate your costs for buying or leasing land and constructing a building, as these costs vary substantially from market to market, depending on many factors, such as location and the design and construction of the building, as well as fluctuations in the local real estate market.



#5 Engineering/Architectural


To Whom Paid: Professional
When Due: Before Construction
Method of Payment: Lump Sum

You/Contractor will be required to obtain a site survey, professional blueprints and engineering drawings for your Store and in most cases to obtain construction permits, food service permits, and other required permits. You/Contractor must only use an architect approved by us in advance. Presently, we have one approved architect for use. We will review and approve the base line drawings and the final blueprints in order to ensure compliance with the System. You/Contractor will be responsible for all architectural, engineering and similar fees.



#6 Equipment


To Whom Paid: Us and Vendors
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: As Incurred

This cost estimate includes all major pieces of equipment for your Store as required under our manuals, installation costs and freight. It does not include any sales tax on the equipment, which varies by province. 

The low estimate assumes the purchase of some refurbished equipment, which we must approve prior to purchase. The upper estimate assumes that you will purchase all new equipment.



#7 Leasehold Improvements

$50,000- $200,000

To Whom Paid: Us
When Due: See Below
Method of Payment: See Below

You will incur costs for the build-out of your Store, and you must use one of our approved general contractors to complete the work.

The high figure assumes substantial rehabilitation costs not normally incurred, and also assumes substantial remodeling of the space, not previously usable by a food business with little or no work performed or funded by the landlord.

You may be able to negotiate a construction allowance from the landlord, which may cover a portion of the build-out/leasehold improvement expenses and typically ranges from $0 to $50,000 depending on the size of the space and other relevant factors.

The low figure assumes a substantial amount of the work will be performed or funded by the landlord, or that the space is a second-generation restaurant space requiring minimal buildout (which may or may not incur impact fees). 



#8 Signage

$8,000 - $15,000

To Whom Paid: Vendors
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: As Incurred

Exterior signage costs/criteria are determined by the existing signage, electrical and town/city/landlord regulations and requirements.



#9 Smallware Supplies


To Whom Paid: Suppliers, Us
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: Lump Sum

You will need various “small supplies,” including various tools to operate the business. You will also need miscellaneous stationery and office supplies, including forms we designate. 



#10 Point of Sale Systems


To Whom Paid: Vendors
When Due: Before Installation
Method of Payment: As Incurred

We require all new Stores to install an approved “point-of-sale” (POS) and “online ordering” platform sales system. The technology environment is rapidly changing, and it is difficult to anticipate the future cost of developing, acquiring, implementing, and licensing POS and related digital technologies, including mobile apps, that may benefit the System. These advancements may result in additional costs of the POS system beyond what is currently being charged by the provider.

Presently, our approved POS system offered is Square.

You may fully pay for the POS system at the time of purchase, or a financing  program is available through the POS provider for the hardware cost.

There is also a monthly cost of your software license and support package. 



#11 Credit Card Processing

$Competitive Rates

To Whom Paid: Vendors
When Due: Before Installation/Monthly
Method of Payment: As Incurred

We require all Stores to be compliant for credit card transactions processed through the Store.

Currently, our newest vendor Square offers credit card processing at competitive rates.   


#12 Opening Inventory


To Whom Paid: Supplier
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: Lump Sum

You will need an initial supply of inventory, including items including food and paper goods. The estimated cost should cover approximately 1 to 2 weeks of operation.



#13 Deposits, Pre Paid Expenses


To Whom Paid: Suppliers, Utilities
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: Lump Sum

The estimate includes deposits that may be refundable to you at a later time. In most cases, your lease will require you to pay electric, gas, water and other utilities directly; however, some landlords cover some utility charges through CAM fees or operating fees.



#14 Business Licenses


To Whom Paid: City, Town
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: Lump Sum

You should consult your lawyer or your local county authorities about the specific legal requirements for business licenses and related types of expenses in your local area.



#15 Insurance


To Whom Paid: Insurance Company
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: Lump Sum/Monthly

Insurance costs may vary in different localities. If you have employees, you must maintain adequate workers' compensation and liability insurance. The requirements and rates for workers’ compensation insurance vary widely from place to place. We reserve the right to require additional types of insurance and coverage as provided under the Franchise Agreement. 



#16 Miscellaneous Expenses


To Whom Paid: Various
When Due: Before Opening
Method of Payment: Lump Sum

“Miscellaneous expenses” includes a variety of other costs. Legal expenses would be a miscellaneous expense included in this cost estimate. 



#17 Additional Funds


To Whom Paid: Suppliers, Employees
When Due: As Required
Method of Payment: Lump Sum

We require you to have a minimum of $9,000 in working capital available when your Store opens for business and all expenses are paid. This is an estimate only of the amount of funds you may need for start-up and additional payroll expenses you may incur, and your start-up expenses may be higher or lower. The actual amount of additional funds you will need depends on a variety of factors, including the type of community in which you open your Store, the size of your advertising area and delivery territory, the time of year when you open your Store, your own management skill, economic conditions, competition in your area, and other factors. We relied on our experience in working with our franchisees in compiling these working capital estimates.



Total                                           $200,000 - $500,000


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